• What is PiCo?

    PiCo is a combination of plug and play hardware (PiCoHub) and Cloud software )PiCoConnect and PiCo Campaign) that captures retail transactions in real time. It can be setup to work with any retail P.O.S system in minutes, with no software or integration required, and no staff re-training.

    It allows retailers to manage customers and promotions by intercepting the EAN or SKU and replacing it with a new EAN or SKU that varies the offer or price based on the shoppers’ status and preferences. It also has strong use cases for real-time stock-tracking (Online-to-Offline), logistics and sales performance.
  • How does it collect transaction data?

    PiCoHub hardware can be configured to collect each and every scan; scans from customers who present a loyalty or member card; or only those items currently on promotion.
  • How does it collect and transmit data?

    It securely transmits all data into the cloud using either Ethernet or Wi-fi to connect to in-store networks, or via its supplied Cellular connection and SIM card.
  • How do I access data collected by PiCo?

    Data is collected in real-time and can be manipulated via the PiCoConnect platform. PiCoConnect is a SaaS solution running in the Amazon™ cloud that allows a retailer to control all data and promotions from their desktop. They can also export data directly to their own CRM or data warehouse via API.
  • Some customers use plastic cards, some use digital cards – will PiCo still work?

    Yes. PiCo will scan any barcode. The optional PiCoCampaign tool contains a full-featured Passbook™ Pass authoring platform so you can create and manage your own digital passes, offers, coupons and membership cards from any browser. It also allows you to control the proximity messaging delivered by the in-built Beacons on each PiCoHub Device.
  • What is a Beacon?

    Beacons broadcast fixed messages via low-energy Bluetooth® that appear on the lock screen of a customers phone when they are in or near the store or checkout. The customer m ust have opted-in to receive these messages either by downloading the Retailers App, or using Digital member cards that display in Apple Wallet/Pay and/or Android Pay.
  • How do I install PiCo?

    The PiCoHub is a plug and play IoT solution that requires no software to be installed on your existing P.O.S.

    Plug your barcode scanner into PiCoHub. Plug the supplied USB cable from the PiCoHub into the USB or Serial scanner port in your P.O.S. Plug PiCo into a power source and you are ready.

    PiCoHub is store and aisle-configurable by scanning pre-set barcodes with the your barcode scanner.
  • What POS software do I need?

    PiCoHub will work with any P.O.S software that can scan barcodes.

    Simply upload your csv/xls price host file to the secure PiCo server or use the optional api to link to your file and you are ready to go.
  • What hardware will PiCo work with?

    PiCoHub will operate on any POS hardware that supports a barcode scanner.

    Note: In order to scan from Digital passes, you must use an approved 2D barcode scanner.
  • How does PiCo know when a transaction is completed?

    The operator scans a barcode at the end of every transaction.

    This can be either the customers Loyalty Card/pass or the supplied PiCo CLOSE barcode. PiCo also comes with a configurable time-out feature to close a basket/transaction if the operator forgets to scan.
  • Can I collect every transaction, or only transactions from loyalty members?

    PiCo can be configured easily via business rules to collect each and every transaction; only those from customers who present a loyalty or member card; or only those items currently on promotion.

    Pico will collect the following data-points as standard:
    • CustID
    • Merchant ID
    • StoreID
    • PiCo UnitID
    • Promotion type
    • Basket contents by EAN and/or Price (where supplied)
    • Points earned/redeemed
    • Other custom fields may be collected as specified
  • What does PiCo cost? (in $USD)

    The PiCoConnect service starts at $50/mth on a 24mth subscription. The subscription includes:
    • PiCoHub SmartHub hardware and connection cables
    • Secure Transmission of transaction data from the PiCoHub to the PiCoConnect server
    • Access to PiCoConnect
    • Secure batch transfer of data from PiCoConnect to the customers own data store.
    • Access to PiCoCampaign CRM
    • Option (PiCoHub Mobile broadband/SIM card)
    • Mobile data plan (fair use policy applies)
  • How do I access data collected by PiCo?

    PiCo data is collected in real-time and can be can be accessed and archived via PiCoConnect from any web browser. PiCoConnect is a SaaS solution that allows a retail manager to manage,control, access and export all data and promotions from the desktop.
  • How do I integrate my RMS or CRM with PiCo?

    PiCo uses a set of RESTful API’s to allow any RMS or CRM to connect to/from PiCoConnect and pass data in real-time. PiCo will soon have pre-configured integrations for Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle Marketing Clouds as well as other leading CRM solutions.
  • Can I use PiCo for my existing loyalty program?

    Yes. You can continue to operate you current loyalty program and just use PiCo to collect and the customer and transactional data for you to ingest into your own Loyalty Management System, or you can use the in-built Loyalty Management System PiCoCampaign.
  • I use plastic cards, not digital passes – will PiCo still work?

    Yes. PiCo will accept scans from 1D or 2D barcodes on paper, plastic or digital cards. You can also use a combination of plastic and Digital cards and offer your customer their own preference.

    Note: The CustomerID card must be scanned at the end of a transaction.
  • How do I issue digital membership cards?

    PiCoCampaign contains a full-featured Digital Pass authoring platform so you can create and manage your own digital passes, coupons and membership cards from the desktop.

    PiCoCampaign has an API that will connect to any email platform, so you can create passes just like you would create emails in your own email tool. PiCo will soon offer pre-configured integrations for Epsilon Dream-mail, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (frmly Exact Target), Oracle Marketing Cloud (frmly Responsys), SilverPop, Campaign Monitor and Mail Chimp.

    Note: In order to scan from Digital passes, you must use an approved 2D barcode scanner.
  • What happens if PiCo stops working?

    The scanner will continue to operate as normal and there is no change required to the cashiers’ normal process, however PiCo will not be able to collect and store transaction data if it loses connection to power.

    We advise customers to keep a spare unit on hand as a PiCo unit can be swapped out in minutes to minimise downtime and potential loss of customer reward data.
  • Troubleshooting

    PiCo has 2 coloured LEDs. When connecting the PiCoHub to mains power, the RED LED will be lit. If the PiCoHub is connected to power via USB, only the GREEN LED will be lit when operating normally PiCo is operating correctly and connected to the cloud when the GREEN LED is fully illuminated. If the GREEN LED is not lit, check you connection to the internet.
  • Service and Support

    We offer a range of support and service contracts to best meet the needs of your business. Contact your account manager to discuss which Support option best suits you.